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Special procedures Country visits

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 CountryStanding InvitationsDate Of Standing Invitation


YES26 March 1999
WG on arbitrary detentionWG on arbitrary detentionReported/completedfrom 23 April 2007 to 2 May 2007
IE on foreign debtIE on foreign debt (Combined with a visit to Ecuador)Reported/completedfrom 28 April 2009 to 8 May 2009
SR on IranSR on IranReported/completedfrom 11 November 2012 to 22 November 2012
SR on indigenous peoplesSR on indigenous peoplesReported/completedAugust 2015
SR on cultural rightsSR on cultural rightsPostponed / CancelledOctober 2015
IE on international solidarityIE on international solidarityReported/completedfrom 19 September 2016 to 23 September 2016
WG on people of African DescentWG on people of African DescentAccepted2019
SR on environmentSR on environmentAgreed with datesfrom 12 September 2019 to 23 September 2019
SR on disabilitySR on disabilityAgreed with datesfrom 2 October 2019 to 11 October 2019
SR on developmentSR on developmentRequested