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Special procedures Country visits

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 CountryStanding InvitationsDate Of Standing Invitation

Saudi Arabia

SR on independence of judgesSR on independence of judgesReported/completedfrom 20 October 2002 to 27 October 2002
SR on traffickingSR on traffickingInactive2005
SR on violence against womenSR on violence against womenReported/completedfrom 4 February 2008 to 13 February 2008
SR on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executionsSR on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executionsInactivesecond half of 2009
SR on tortureSR on tortureReminder2017
SR on extreme povertySR on extreme povertyReported/completedfrom 8 January 2017 to 19 January 2017
SR on human rights and counter terrorismSR on human rights and counter terrorismReported/completedfrom 30 April 2017 to 4 May 2017
SR on freedom of religionSR on freedom of religionReminder2018
SR on disabilitySR on disabilityRequested2018
SR on freedom of assemblySR on freedom of assemblyReminder2019
WG on discrimination against women (old)WG on discrimination against women (old)Requested2019
SR on migrantsSR on migrantsReminder2019
WG on people of African DescentWG on people of African DescentRequested2020
WG on arbitrary detentionWG on arbitrary detentionInactive 
SR on HR defendersSR on HR defendersAccepted by the State 
SR on freedom of expressionSR on freedom of expressionReminder 
SR on slaverySR on slaveryPostponed by the mandate holder