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Special procedures Country visits

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 CountryStanding InvitationsDate Of Standing Invitation

Syrian Arab Republic

SR on foodSR on foodReported/completedfrom 29 August 2010 to 7 September 2010
SR on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executionsSR on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executionsAccepted 
SR on violence against womenSR on violence against womenReport forthcomingfrom 10 May 2014 to 20 May 2014
SR on internally displaced personsSR on internally displaced personsReported/completedfrom 16 May 2015 to 19 May 2015
WG on mercenariesWG on mercenariesAcceptedNovember 2016
SR on unilateral coercive measuresSR on unilateral coercive measuresReport forthcomingfrom 13 May 2018 to 17 May 2018
SR on minority issuesSR on minority issuesRequestedAugust 2018 - September 2018
SR on tortureSR on tortureReminder 
SR on HR defendersSR on HR defendersReminder 
SR on freedom of assemblySR on freedom of assemblyAccepted 
WG on arbitrary detentionWG on arbitrary detentionRequested 
WG on disappearancesWG on disappearancesReminder